2024.5 May

Titles and awards earned this month .... 

~~~~Fetch Retriever  (FTR

Do More With Your Dog
~~~~Canine Conditioning Fitness 2 (CCF2)
~~~~Fetch  (O-F)
~~~~Balance Beam (O-BB)

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We continue this month to do weekly SCENT WORK with Lynsie at various places around Oshkosh and several times a week with other people.  Occasionally we do RALLY with Jackie because I help with her classes and OBEDIENCE with Judy at the dog Club!  Also, weekly we run through AGILITY at the dog club! Of course there's always agility at home in the yard but this gives him different places to practice. We did our last AKC conformation show in Jefferson in May and I made the decision that neither of us liked it at all so we are not going to continue with AKC and UKC conformation. There's one IABCA show left so we'll do that in August cuz we're already signed up and it's at our dog Club. K9 Toss and Fetch FRISBEE league has started up again which we love on Monday nights. The first night back Mookie was so bad cuz he was over the top excited that I don't know that he got more than a point or two!

The Weekend of the 11th was especially busy! Ironically it was exactly 2 years from when I picked him up in Chicago at the airport. We did some FAST CAT at Country Paws near Stevens Point where he scored a new personal best of 28.7 mph! This, plus other similar scores skyrocketed him to the number two Mudi in the country for this year and overall lifetime #3 Mudi. That same weekend we did a DRAFT Workshop in the Milwaukee area with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club. It was really informative and then we left there and went back up and did some more FAST CAT that we had started on Friday. And then Sunday we had some FLYBALL practice at the dog club. 

Attended a DOCK DOG event at Subaru in Oshkosh to hopefully get him used to being around all the activity. When the weather warms up outside will be starting some more training to see if this will be the year that jumping off the dock will be something that he loves to do! He does love retrieving in the water but only when he can do it off the ramp and the next step is to have him jump in the water to get whatever I throw for him.  

Did a BARN HUNT Crazy Eights run and he accumulated some points. More work is needed to get him used to the training environment so we've got that set up for next month. The last Saturday of the month we had another FETCH adventure at a farm in Amherst. It was outside and in a sheep pen. I thought we were done because of all the distractions but he retrieved all the bumpers twice and earned the FETCH RETRIEVER title which is the highest you can get in this test that AKC created.

Busy, busy month!  But LOTS of fun!


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