2022.8 Agility practice, or I should say play, happens OFTEN. Easily 5x/week we go to the training area and do something... get comfortable with the equipment, do figure 8s around barrels.... go through hoops and over jumps...  or just simply practice WAIT at the start line!  The Schutzhind blinds have been removed as has the wood chip pile and it much more open.  Fencing separates the hoops, barrels and jumps at this time but no fence yet around the course.  It's a work in progress, for sure! 

2022.7 The big news is AGILITY!!  Build it and they will come!  I put the word out asking if anyone had agility equipment they weren't using and got lots of responses!  A few years ago I distributed what I had (which was a lot!) because I didn't think I was ever going to use it again!  Well, Karma kicked in and look what we have! 

The equipment has arrived from various sources and the yard is beginning to look like a training field.  People are coming to train with us and help with Mookie and his agility career even though it's a long way off!  Mookie loves to do the dog walk (on the ground), low (6 inch) jumps, the teeter and especially the TUNNEL!!  I remember seeing an agility tunnel in his play area in Hungary for the puppies to play in!

He demonstrated his enthusiasm for the sport one evening while watching agility run-thrus and got the opportunity to do the tunnels on the course.  Thanks to his new best friend, Bethany, he ran through them all and returned to where I was standing multiple times to let me know how exciting it was!! Check out this fun video!