K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League

From the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch website:

  • Dogs love to chase and catch Frisbees — anyone who plays with their pups in their backyard knows this. It’s great exercise and mentally stimulating for your dog while strengthening the bond between you and your pet.
  • With K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch, you can take your backyard game to new levels by meeting up with local disc dog enthusiasts and competing in your home town — against other disc doggers across the planet.
  • K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch is an easy game to learn, a friendly yet competitive environment, and great fun for you and, especially, your dog and is the easiest, friendliest, "funnest" dog sport on the planet!!!
SO...  we discovered this sport quite by accident from a Realtor friend in Milwaukee, Andrew Han, who pointed me in the right direction for disk play for dogs!  We checked out K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch which led us to Fox Valley Disk Dogs.  Winter came and went and in the spring (2023) we started with the league.  Spring being what it is in Wisconsin, 3 of the 6 week sessions were cancelled because of weather - 2 of those 3 were because of SNOW!  

Where to buy discs:  Hero Disk USA  and The Wright Life  or, of course, Amazon!

Anyway, Mookie LOVES it!!  We practice 1-2x/day (weather permitting) for only a few minutes at a time.  I've learned it's all about the throw when he catches it but we're both learning and having fun!


 2023.6 - 7   It continues and Mookie loves it more!  We practice each day and when I throw it correctly, he usually catches.  A team member threw for him at league recently and he was running hard and catching them jumping in the air.  The last week in July, he caught 8 of 9 throws in the 2 rounds!!  Looking good!  All those awful practice throws I've done appear to have helped!!  lol

2023.5 - OMG - who knew!  A frisbee league and such fun!  Started off slow with cold weather but Monday evenings are now FRISBEE evenings!  A great group of people get together and each dog gets 1 minute (2 rounds) to see how many can be caught. After only a few weeks and home practice, Mookie was getting pretty good at catching!  Now we work on bringing it back to me and releasing it so I can through it again!!