Dog Carting and Draft Training

The natural inclination of dogs to pull has been literally harnessed by a variety of people through the years. Put backward pressure on a leash and collar, and most dogs will pull forward. Take that “opposition reflex” and a nice, padded harness, and you can see where this is going. Forward, of course!

Sports for All Dogs: Drafting & Carting

Drafting and carting are sports that are open to all breeds of dogs, including mixed-breeds, by several national breed clubs. Pulling carts to help transport items was a task that many dogs were – and still are – trained to do to help around farms. Dogs like to pull – and this gives them an acceptable way to exercise their right to do so!

SO...  I googled images for CARTING DOG and OMG the variety of dogs who can pull carts!  The very small to very large were pictured with a huge variety of carts!!  So why not!!  I heard that a Bernese Mountain Dog group were involved in carting in Oshkosh and I reached out to them and started researching!  Since I also want to do WEIGHT PULL with Mookie I found a combo harness for both sports with detachable pieces for each sport.  And I also discovered it was hard to get a premade harness for small dogs and this harness was made to fit Mookie!  Take a look here:  The Working K9.  And here is Mookie looking unhappy at being attached to a railing so he can model for the first time his new flashy harness! 

2023 July Attended a Draft Test (Premium) hosted by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club in Waukesha! Here are the DRAFT TEST REGULATIONS.  What a great learning experience!  Met folks with not just Berners but other (including smaller) breeds as well!!  Took photos!  Click here for the link to them!