Dock Diving

DOCK DIVING ...  or jumping into the water to retrieve toys!  What dog wouldn't enjoy that!  Well, lots I suppose but I was introduced to it because of Jake and Brita who loved the water and loved to retrieve so it was natural for them to combine the 2 loves.  Jake was the only one who participated in organized events and had titles in DOCK DOGS and NADD (North American Diving Dogs)!  

SO..  because it was such fun I wanted a dog who could compete and I think Mookie is that dog and will learn to love it!  In the meantime, progress is slow and getting wet was just the first issue (drought in Hungary and he looked at rain the first time as if the sky was falling in).  We started our dock diving adventure in August of 2022.  Below, in reverse order is the progress he has made!


2023.7 It's HAPPENING!!  After a few fun swims and then a few privates, Mookie is excited!  He is at the point where he will lay down on the dock about 10 feet back and I walk to the front and when I say GO he RUNS to the ramp to get the toy I threw.  Most often he takes a small jump from the end of the ramp and swims to it but one was about a 6 foot leap into the water!!!  PROGRESS!! 


2023.6  This month Mookie got help from none other than his Golden Retriever friend Revere!   It really helped him get comfortable in the water and gave him a little competition returning the tug!  Becky took these great videos of the 2 of them.  I'm hopeful!!  

2023.5 Swimming is not Mookie's favorite thing but he's learning that when his toy is in the water, the way to get it is to jump in and swim!  Slow and steady and he'll get used to it!   Several visits to Three Hounds pool in May have helped some AND this summer he is starting to play with the hose and stand in his pool!  Progress! 

2022 September  We started going to Three Hounds Training Ground since the lure of an INDOOR pool was calling us!

  • The first visit acclimated Mookie to the dock and he learned to come out of the pool by using the ramp.  He seems to really like it because he is happy WHEN he reaches dry land!
  • The 2nd visit he was more relaxed and he now swims from any part of the pool to the ramp to get out.  

2022 August  Mookie had his intro into DOCK DIVING this month. Laura Brock from Country Paws Canine Athletic Center played tug with him up and down the ramp and then he'd run out and play tug with me.  I could tell he had fun because as we left he was barking at the dogs ON the dock as if to say "hey, why aren't I up still up there"!