Dog Parkour

DOG PARKOUR combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike. Dogs get introduced to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing over, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in their everyday world. Parkour can be done anywhere and is limited only by one’s imagination. Dog parkour helps with confidence and overcoming fears, and it is a low impact but challenging activity for any canine athlete.

There are 2 main organizations listed below and the video offers a good general explanation of what parkour is all about! 

Sounds like fun, doesn't it!!!  So I pulled the info from IDPA and away we go!  

2023 July - IDPA Training Level Title (PKD-T) completed the required behaviors (4 feet on, 2 feet on, under, through, in, balance and creativity) and obstacles in the yard, recorded them and will submit as required!