Herding ..... DUCKS!

So my experience with herding was really just fun stuff.  Back in the mid-2000s, I took Olivia and Kobie to Bonnie Leonard's place to do some herding. I learning then that sheep can knock you down and trample you (resulting in a damaged knee) so I wasn't enthused about getting into a pen with sheep after that.  Then came Brita who was a natural!  Bonnie handled her and she got a sheep herding title at 10 months old.  

Fast forward to now.  Smaller dog... and Bonnie has DUCKS!  Perfect! We'll see where this takes us!  

Click here to Mookie's photo album with ducks!  
Check out Mookie's dad "Nandi" herding sheep!

Monthly adventures start here  (in reverse chronological order order)

June 2023 - maybe, just maybe...  we'll see!  I signed up for a Duck Dog Clinic on  Aug. 26th in Custer, WI with Samantha Jones!  We'll see what happens!  so excited!  

October 2022  Herding...  it's said when herding ducks that it's hard to look innocent with feathers in your mouth... While no damage was done to the duck, maybe Mookie won't be a duck herder.  We'll see if next year he is past the teenage boy phase and if it changes things!  I'm told that the Mudi dogs can be too much for ducks and are more suited for herding sheep!  Time will tell...  

June 2022 Weekly on Tuesday we visit ducks and do some HERDING, weather permitting...  of course rain wouldn't bother ducks but this handler involved doesn't see it necessary to train in the rain at this time!.  Mookie isn't crazy about wet drops falling from the sky but does fine if I play with him.  Just to potty...  not so much.  Doesn't see a reason to get wet..  We're working on that!  Click here for ongoing herding photos.

  • First June herding session he was MUCH more focused and could have cared less about the sheep poop and wool.  The ducks were where the excitement was.  
  • Second herding session - I noted that sheep were grazing in the duck herding pen and you know, what goes in must come out.  Mookie couldn't get enough of the sheep poop so the ducks got a break today!!  I think we'll put herding on hold for a few weeks! He really is still a baby!  
  • Follow up..  2 weeks of brutal heat on Tuesdays so no more herding this month.