So tracking will start slow and be a 3 season sport because there are way too many things I like to do that don't require that I train outside in a Wisconsin winter!

My method is Schutzhund/IPO/IGP footprint tracking.  Here is some good info about that method and there is lots more available according to Google!  :)

Basically, this info below is for me to keep a log of what I do with Mookie for future reference (in reverse order).

2023.7 Here we are a year later!!  Mookie has acclimated to tracking pretty well!  We track 1-2x per week - not enough to get great at it but with so much else to do it hasn't hit the top of the list but it's still there!  He likes it but what's NOT TO LIKE about eating food from the ground and then getting a special treat when he finds an article!!  I anticipate we'll do more in the cooler weather - we'll see!

2022 log for ONLY 2 months!  What happened!  :)

  • 2022.6.30 Several tracks over the last few weeks - nothing special.  More interested in Scent Work than tracking so at this time not focused on it. 
  • 2022.6.7 Several 6 ft. tracks at home this week and did fine but not so much with distractions of dogs, birds, sheep and ducks!  
  • 2022.5.30 Scent pads with short track about 5x this week in 3 different locations.
  • 2022.5.23 Scent pads at Winchester Town Hall in sandy dirt.
  • 2022.5.20 Scent pads in grass in front yard.  Ditto next 2 days.  He seemed to get it.