So tracking will start slow and be a 3 season sport because there are way too many things I like to do that don't require that I train outside in a Wisconsin winter!

My method is Schutzhund/IPO/IGP footprint tracking.  Here is some good info about that method and there is lots more available according to Google!  :)

Basically, this info below is for me to keep a log of what I do with Mookie for future reference (in reverse order).

  • 2022.6.30 Several tracks over the last few weeks - nothing special.  More interested in Scent Work than tracking so at this time not focused on it. 
  • 2022.6.7 Several 6 ft. tracks at home this week and did fine but not so much with distractions of dogs, birds, sheep and ducks!  
  • 2022.5.30 Scent pads with short track about 5x this week in 3 different locations.
  • 2022.5.23 Scent pads at Winchester Town Hall in sandy dirt.
  • 2022.5.20 Scent pads in grass in front yard.  Ditto next 2 days.  He seemed to get it.