Dog Puller!

It it's in Wikipedia, it must be a thing!!   And it's own website DOG PULLER told me more! And look...  Hungarian dogs!  Mookie can do this!

Dog Puller is a dog sport created in Chernihiv, Ukraine in August, 2012. It is relatively new in comparison to other dog sports, but its popularity is growing.

The sport is based on exercises with a dog fitness tool called a PULLER, also known as Puller Running and Puller Jumping. While Dog Puller shares various characteristics with dog sports like Agility and Disc Dog, its main principle is accessibility. Dog Puller's exercises are deliberately created to allow any dog-human pair to start training irrespective of disability, level of fitness, or dog breed.

Today Dog Puller is an international sport. The Second Dog Puller World Championship was held in 2019, gathering 91 participants from 11 different countries.   RULES for competition are HERE!

And exploring more - there is a Facebook group called USA Dog Pullers!  AND you can buy pullers on Amazon at a pretty darn reasonable price considering the money spent on other sports!

So there you have it!!  Ours arrived and Mookie is amped about getting started so away we go to learn more and practice! He loved the jumping and pulling when I had one in each hand and he's already getting good at releasing to get the other one!

Here are the videos I found explaining more!