Shed Hunting (UKC and NASDA)


I started to do shed hunting with Jake but when his back gave out he couldn't continue.  Now I think this is something that Mookie would love to do AND the United Kennel Club (UKC) has a program called ELITE SHED DOG!

Below is a video I found from the UKC that explains the sport.

I plan to log adventures here (in reverse order) so I can keep track of Mookie's progress.  :)
  • 2023.5-7 What else is there to say about this!  MOOKIE LOVES FINDING SHEDS!  Hiding a shed for him to find has been a reward for anything!  Tracking/nosework...  followed by hiding a shed that he RUNS to find!!  We do it everywhere!  Even in the house!!  

  • 2023.5 - More fun!  We've done a lot of searches at Winchester Park, the yard and other places.  I discovered an organization that has virtual titles if you can't get to a trial so we started to do and record those!  It's called NASDA (North American Sport Dog Association) and Shed Dog 1 and Shed Dog Level 11 are both available 
  • 2023.4.2 - Talked with nice neighbor and he dropped off a SHED antler!!!  I was so excited that I hid it around the house for Mookie to find and he LOVED it!!  Click here for a link to the video of the that search!!
  • 2023.3.29 -  Learned about antlers that have been SHED and antlers that have been cut off and will need Rack Wax Dog Training Scent for mine because they are cut off and that will give them the scent needed for Mookie to find it.  Plus it's used in trials. 
  • 2023.3.29 - NEW Course at Fenzi Dog Sport Academy called Introduction to Shed Antler Hunting so, of course, I signed up!!
  • 2023.2 -  Started hiding sheds around the house (one at a time) and he would find them and bring them to me.  He learned how to retrieve over the winter and carried that skill over to bringing me the shed, sitting in front of me and releasing it when I say so.  
  • 2022.5.23 -  First intro to sheds and he got the one I threw and attempted to hide with it!   He LIKES them!  Now to teach a retrieve before more training!