2024. 4 April

    Titles and awards earned this month .... 

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In April 2024, he earned the Fetch Advanced title in Plymouth in a dusty horse barn with birds flying around!  The previous 2 tests were in a facility with rubber matting floor so this was very different.  Also, it all of a sudden became more challenging!!  The distance for the Advanced retrieves is 70 ft. The course has 3 blinds which are screens at least 24 inches tall, and 10 ft. to 12 ft. wide.  As Mookie sat by my side at the start line, a helper dropped a bumper behind each blind as he watched and he calls "hey, hey, hey" as he dropped the bumper.  To pass, Mookie had to do 2 single retrieves and 2 double retrieves.  A double is when the helper drops the bumpers behind 2 blinds and Mookie had to bring the first one back and then immediately go back for the second.  Additionally, I had to tell the judge which one he was going to get and then direct him to get that one.  He passed the first run so he had one leg but then in the second test he retrieved the bumper from the wrong blind!  Day 2, he passed the first test and got the title!!!  He may be the first WI dog to get that title and may be the first Mudi also. Click here for more info!

In addition to a super FETCH outing, we participated in our first UKC Nosework trial this year at the Lions Camp in Rosholt!  With Q's in 17 of 20 runs in Novice, Advance and Superior levels, he completed the Novice Grand Champion title (10 Q's in each of the 4 elements - interior, containers, exterior, vehicle - in the novice level!)  We learned some things as we always do in trials:
  1. Mookie doesn't do well when the vehicles are in mud next to a wooded area!
  2. Wind is mostly our friend but not all the time. 
  3. I need to not call an alert so quickly and note the first place he bolted to when entering the search area!
All in all, I was very proud of the enthusiastic, confident way he searched!  Doing all the easy novice searches in both AKC and UKC really gave him a great searching foundation!

Drafting practice at Riverside Park with the Berners!!  

K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch patches from the 2023 season and Mookie catching a ride when Chuck brought River over to train.  

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