2024.3 March

   Titles and awards earned this month .... 

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It was a training not trialing month and SO MUCH FUN!   We're working on carting (aka drafting), more tricks, agility, fetch, obedience, rally, scent work, barn hunt, frisbee and shed hunting!  We plan to go with wherever the wind takes us and enjoy it!!  
  • Obedience! Several times each week we meet with a group at the Winnegamie Dog Club to get together and train!  It's a great group and we're learning SO much and Mookie really likes retrieving the dumbbell and gloves, doing the go-outs, and directed jumping!  Of course, we practice all of that individually in a super fun manner and will put it all together when the time comes to trial.

  • Rally!  This follows along with obedience since that's what it is.  1-2x /week he gets to do the signs incorporated into obedience drills. 

  • Agility! We've has a warmer than normal winter and were able to use the jumps, barrels and hoops to train on regularly in the yard.  Thursdays when the equipment is out at the dog club we do some training there!  As you might guess, he loves it!

  • Fetch training!  Yep!  Now that we have Intermediate we're on the way to the Advanced title which requires a bit of training!!  There are 3 2x10 blinds 70 feet away and bumpers are dropped behind them.  Mookie had to be sent to the correct blind to retrieve the bumper.  There are 2 single retrieves and 2 doubles.  
  • Carting! Yes, we've taken walks around the neighborhood!   Can't wait to start walking in parks with the Berners who we know that also pull carts!  

  • Scent work!  Always!  This is a sport that will be with us for his lifetime because older dogs can do it.  Because of that, we focus more on active sports and will only enter a handful of trials this summer.  However, on an average, we train 3-5 x/week at different locations!!  I'm fortunate to live in a rural area that has 4 parks with various parts to train within 10 minutes of me and also, friends to join me!

  • Shed! So exciting! If you had to list things in order, I'd say Mookie likes to search for antlers more than anything else so we do it!!  

  • Tricks! Our goal was to do a Do More With Your Dog tricks title each month.  We almost got one done this month but just procrastinated too long!!  We'll catch up!
  • Barn Hunt! Off to Sheboygan Falls for training!  After the winter off, he did great in training finding 4 rats in 4 senior runs most in under 2 minutes each.  Now we'll see what happens in a trial when there are people and dogs everywhere!!

Looking forward to tracking, swimming, frisbee league and FastCAT when the weather warms up!! 

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