2024.2 February

  Titles and awards earned this month .... 

Link to Mookie's titles  84 Titles from August 2022 through February 2024

What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

Link to FEBRUARY photos!                                                

This was a " let's get​ more titles done " month​ adding 8 more to the list! ​What we did was to continue on our journey of completing Do More With Your Dog trick​ titles, finish​ed up a C-WAGS ​6-week league and achieving 3 Scent titles, and participating in an AKC weekend where he ​passed the AKC Temperament Test and the Fetch Novice ​test.


AKC Fetch is all about retrieving... a ball or a bumper which he prefers.  He loves retrieving and since he came to me he has picked up things around the house and, of course, I told him what a great dog he was as I treated him when he brought items to me.  This continued and carries over into sports where he does the dumbbell retrieve perfectly,  brings back gloves for obedience, retrieves a shed antler, picks up all his toys when I ask, and, just like Jake used to do, helps me unload the dryer by putting his two feet in and handing me clothes one piece at a time! 

Since It was still February in Wisconsin, most of our training was indoors but I bundled up and we went out several times a day and often the weather was just fine to train. Thank you global warming!  

Oh Yes!!  And it was his birthday!!  the Mookster is now officially 2 years old!

Following is a video showing his skill in shed hunting.  We have entered our first UKC Shed trial in July!!  So excited!

Other videos show him practicing frisbee and agility!

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