2023.11 November

 Titles and awards earned this month .... 

Nose Work Skills Achievement MasterNSAMNACSW
Novice Trick Dog-MastersNTD-MDMWYD
Shed Dog Level 1SD-1NASDA
Novice Trick DogNTDDMWYD
Nose Work Skills Achievement 2NSA2NACSW

Link to Mookie's titles  74 Titles from August 2022 through November 2023
What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

This was the month of virtual titles!  We needed to do the NOVICE TRICK DOG title from DO MORE WITH YOUR DOG (DMWYD) because that is a prerequisite for the STUNT DOG title which was on the agenda for December.  The novice title is 15 tricks and since we knew most on the list we continued with another 15 for a total of 30 tricks for the NOVICE TRICK DOG-MASTER title!  

We finished up the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) virtual titles and got the NOSE WORK SKILLS ACHIEVEMENT 2 title and then because when we submitted level 3 he got all the points, he earned the NOSE WORK SKILLS ACHIEVEMENT MASTER title!

SHED HUNTING is a reward for Mookie because he loves it so much!  Go tracking - then reward with finding a shed, search for odor, then reward by finding a shed, obedience .... you get it! NASDA (North American Sport Dog Association) has online titles in shed and lost item  recovery so I decided to take that route at this time since no trials are anywhere near me right now!  Recorded 4 very specific searches in my yard in areas of about 6000 square feet each and let him find it and bring it to me! He did everything correctly so earned the SHED DOG Level 1 title!!  More next year!

AND now for the fun photos of the month!
"Why yes", says Mookie, "I DO have a lot of toys but in my defense, 80% of those are hand-me-downs and I only get one container at a time to rummage though!"

This is the tongue shot between 2 besties!!

OK...  so the dog club had a rummage sale and we did get some training stuff!  And this was the first day!  I see several sports here --- obedience (tug, dumbbell, leash, articles), agility (hoops), frisbee (disk), and shed (antlers)!

Turkey Trot 2023 Oshkosh, here we go!!  And then we ended with a little scent work!

Every morning, he stretches!  And when I do my back exercises on the floor, he lays on his back and stretches then also!

Why buy expensive toys when a vinegar bottle will do!!!

Another great find from the rummage sale!  He gets cold quickly so, of course, needs to be fashionable in a winter sweater! 

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