2023.7 July

     Titles and awards earned this month....  

  • Barn Hunt Novice X (RATNX)
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July was a month with one weekend of trialing and the rest of the month was training...lots of diverse TRAINING!  So let's just list all the sports and what we did with them!

Barn Hunt - This is where the title was earned!  He got 40 more points in Crazy 8s and then 2 Qs in Novice earning him the Barn Hunt Novice X (RATNX) title!!  HOWEVER, we have had weekly private training and IS HE IMPROVING!  His problem, as I evaluate it, is there is a huge difference between finding rats in a quiet ring when he is the only dog there and the noise and activity level of a trial!  I anticipate that as soon as he gets past that hurdle, he'll be amazing because in each training session, we put out 5 rats in a master or crazy 8s course and he finds them all in between 4 and 5 minutes. AND we do this 4 times so he gets to find 20 rats in a short period of time!!  What a guy!  

Fast Cat - We did another weekend of Fast CAT tests in Oshkosh at the beginning of the month and Mookie pulled his average up to 26.95 but hasn't yet broken the 27 mph speed needed to move up in the rankings.  He currently is listed at 7th fasted Mudi having moved down from a high of 4th, not because he was slower but other dogs ran faster!! 

Dock Diving  After a few fun swims and then a few privates, Mookie is excited!  He is at the point where he will lay down on the dock about 10 feet back and I walk to the front and when I say GO he RUNS to the ramp to get the toy I threw.  Most often he takes a small jump from the end of the ramp and swims to it but one was about a 6 foot leap into the water!!!  PROGRESS!! 


K9 Frisbee League  It continues and Mookie loves it more!  We practice each day and when I throw it correctly, he usually catches.  A team member threw for him at league recently and he was running hard and catching them jumping in the air.  The last week in July, he caught 8 of 9 throws in the 2 rounds!!  Looking good!  All those awful practice throws I've done appear to have helped!!  lol

Click the link below for info on what we did in July with Obedience/Rally, Nosework/Scent Work (lots of training minimum 3-4x/wk), Shed Hunting (4/5 quick hides/wk), Tracking (1-2x/wk), Dog Puller (really, this is tug play!), Agility (daily play in the back yard), Dog Parkour and Carting!

Playing with the new ball!

Modeling the new carting and weight pull harness

Getting ready to swim at the Radfords

Hanging out on the bench at the dog club

Inspecting his new pullers

Swimming to the end of the pool

Modeling the new Parkour harness

Complaining because I put his frisbees in the tree

Appreciating (I think) that he now has steps to the windowsill