2023.6 June

    Titles and awards earned this month....  

  • UKC Novice Nosework Champion ( (started last fall - 20 Qs)
  • UKC Conformation Best of Breed (4)
  • UKC Conformation Group 3 (9 total dogs)
  • UKC Conformation Group 2 (8 total dogs)
  • UKC Total Dog (2 group placements 2 & 3)
  • UKC Rally 1 
  • AKC Scent Work Buried Novice Elite (SBNE)
What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

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UKC Conformation, Rally and Nosework weekend
Mookie started off the month with a super weekend at Camp Bandy at a UKC trial that included, not just conformation, but nosework and rally! He earned his Novice Nosework Champion title which he started last fall when He participated in his first scent work venue. This title requires a total of 5 Q's of each of the 4 elements! In order to potentially qualify for a total dog award which is a group placement in conformation and a passing performance score, we entered Rally and earned the Rally1 title! This worked out successfully because he ended up with 2 group placements (2nd and 3rd place in the herding group) also earning a conformation championship title!

Swimming, Barn Hunt, Fast Cat and Scent work weekend
The next week and we did had a special swim at Three Hounds on Friday.  Special because Revere was along and it was so much more fun with a Golden Retriever to follow into the water (VIDEO below). Saturday morning we participated in another Fast CAT run in Elderon WI and Sunday was an AKC Scent Work trial in Fond du Lac where Mookie finished his Buried Novice Elite title! Yet another super weekend! :-)   See photo below. Also, he's the kind of guy who always wants to come home and hang with his stuffies!!  :)


DCAT and swimming again with Revere!
The next weekend was all Fast CAT! Because he's fast at 26.9 mph and because he's small at under 18 in, he racks up the points pretty quickly and he earned his DCAT which is the second level after having earned 500 points! He popped in at #5 Mudi in 2023 but that is always a fluid number as more dogs participate.  It was a fun weekend in Sheboygan and on Friday we also stopped for a swim at Three Hounds! 

Frisbee league is going well!  He's learning to catch in the air and loves it!  One time we stopped for ice cream at Tom's which, as you can see, he loved!  Click here for photos of dogs catching disks!   And yes, that is a wrap on Mookie's ankle!  He managed to rip off a toenail so it became a week of getting used to wearing a variety of wraps on his leg!

Mookie has a new girlfriend  to play with, Hermie the boxer.  My friend Patti and I get together and they play! My first dog, Josephine, played with her Boxer, Butch, and they were best friends in the 1990s!

SPORTS and other STUFF (In alphabetical order) 
Who knows what direction we'll go but there are numerous sports to explore so many are listed! 
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