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2023.2 February

   Titles and awards earned this month....    AKC Virtual Scent Work Intermediate  4 Best of Breed (4 First Place, 4 Best Male), Group 3 (UKC Conformation) Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  February photos are in this album!  February videos are added to this album! Lots of training and adventures this month but only one show and no competition trials!  I know I'll be glad when winter and snow are gone but I'm not sure about Mookie!  As he has all winter, he delights in chasing his ball around the yard and running and jumping in the snow!  Because he has dog door access to the yard, he is in and out when we're home.  I used to worry when it was quiet and go looking for him but now I just look outside and there he is running or hanging on the ball on a rope on a tree!   As always, we spend a lot of time at the Winnegamie Dog Club!  Two mornings each week training early and helping with rally classes.  This month was a "Senior Dog

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About 3 years ago when I was researching Mudi breed, I came across the name Mookie and fell in love with it!  And...  it flowed...  "Mookie the Mudi" !  And then came the phrase "The Adventures of Mookie the Mudi" !  And the shortened version probably for training is Mook .  And referring to him I've heard myself say The Mookster or Mr. Mook !        I discovered several definitions but choose this one:   "Something or someone who is kooky, cool, intelligent, funny, alternative, stylish, irreverent, inspired and adventurous"!           So that's it!  This blog is for me to keep track of his life, training and fun stuff we do!  And it's available for anyone else who is interested!  Click here to find out what is a Mudi anyway?   Click the following LINKS to PICTURES and VIDEOS !! Mookie's Photo Gallery Mookie's YouTube videos Mookie's Instagram account Mookie's Title Ledger Click the following links for categories of current

2023.1 January

  Titles earned this month....    AKC Canine Good Citizen AKC Virtual Scent Work Beginner Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  January photos are in this album!  January videos are added to this album! Mook started off the month by getting the AKC Virtual Scent Work Beginner title.  These titles, rather than having the dog search for essential odors, require a ball, toy and treat to be found.  We videotaped the 2 required searches for all three levels and sent the beginner videos off to the AKC.  After that certificate arrived I sent the second level videos, called the intermediate level, off to the AKC.  We're still, after 30 days, awaiting a response from regarding for that title.  When it arrives, the experienced level will be submitted. It was a blast setting up the searches but figuring out which rooms in the house and which areas outside would work for the different levels.  Then my friend, Mary Ann, happily, in 20 degree with a wind ch

2022.12 December

  Titles earned this month....    AKC Trick Dog Advanced Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  December photos are in this album!  December videos are added to this album! A little late in getting this done!  The Mookster had a good month ... meaning he had LOTS of FUN doing a variety of things!   What we completed was his AKC Trick Dog Advance  title completing 10 tricks including back up, circle right, circle left,  identify toy by name (out of 3),  pull a bag with objects,  retrieve - flat item, flat surface (credit card from floor),  scent articles (choose from 5),  sit or down at distance (15 ft.),  toys (take to and drop in box), and 2 handler's choice (pull on a cart across room and get ready between legs and go to place).  This is the 3rd level as he had earned the Novice and Intermediate titles in August. There was lots of snow at the beginning of the month which thrilled him!  His fun thing was to push his wiggle ball around the yard b