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2023.4 April

   Titles and awards earned this month....    NACSW ORT (Odor Recognition Test    Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA) Scent Work Interior Advanced (SIA) Scent Work Buried Advanced (SIA) Barn Hunt Crazy 8's - 30 points! Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  APRIL photos are in this album!  APRIL videos are added to this album! NOSEWORK training and trials (Click here for more details) NACSW ORT - This Odor Recognition Test was held at Camp Bandy and the final odor Mookie needed was anise which he got with no problem earning him the title!!   AKC trials The  Timber Ridge Obedience Club of Central Wisconsin ,  held a trial at the Plover WI Boys and Girls Club.  They offered INTERIOR and CONTAINER searches so Mookie was entered in 2 searches/day each element in both novice and advanced which is 16 searches of which he passed 14 earning him the Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) title, the Scent Work

2023.3 March

    Titles and awards earned this month....    AKC Virtual Scent Work Experienced (see explanation here) Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  MARCH photos are in this album!  MARCH videos are added to this album! It's been a good month!  A COLD WINTER month.. February was warmer..  but nevertheless, it was very active for both of us!  I'll just list what happened below! SCENT WORK - Always...  all the time...  here, there and everywhere!  I created a spreadsheet to keep track of where we searched so I would stop at lots of new places and we're up to about 50 different locations and most locations have more than one area.  We work on fast easy searches at gas station potty areas so he'll learn to ignore the smells and longer searches at parks.  I set up buried hides (sand and water) on my porch which we do regularly and have boxes ready to go in the garage! OBEDIENCE and RALLY - Yes we practice at the dog club multiple times each

The Muzzle Up! Project and why Mookie is muzzle trained!

The Muzzle Up! Project Muzzles are a fantastic tool to help keep dogs and people safe.  It's said best at  The Muzzle Up! Project which will help teach you all about muzzles and their proper use. This site includes training and resources that you'll need to get your dog the right muzzle and get him used to wearing it!   Did you know that dogs wear muzzles for all sorts of reasons?  Dogs might wear muzzles because: He eats rocks, socks, or other non-food items that can be toxic or cause expensive and life-threatening surgeries. She is nervous of other dogs, and the muzzle helps keep everyone safe during off-leash hiking or on-leash walks. The muzzle works as a cue to tell other owners to give the dog some space. The owner wants to teach their dog to be comfortable wearing a muzzle in case the dog must wear one someday at the vet's office. A properly-fitted basket muzzle can do all of this, and more! Best of all, if you take the time to train your dog to wear the muzzle, it