2023.4 April

  Titles and awards earned this month....  

  • NACSW ORT (Odor Recognition Test  
  • Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE)
  • Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA)
  • Scent Work Interior Advanced (SIA)
  • Scent Work Buried Advanced (SIA)
  • Barn Hunt Crazy 8's - 30 points!
What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

 APRIL photos are in this album!
 APRIL videos are added to this album!

NOSEWORK training and trials (Click here for more details)

  • NACSW ORT - This Odor Recognition Test was held at Camp Bandy and the final odor Mookie needed was anise which he got with no problem earning him the title!!  
  • AKC trials
    • The Timber Ridge Obedience Club of Central Wisconsin,  held a trial at the Plover WI Boys and Girls Club.  They offered INTERIOR and CONTAINER searches so Mookie was entered in 2 searches/day each element in both novice and advanced which is 16 searches of which he passed 14 earning him the Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) title, the Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA) title and the Scent Work Interior Advanced (SIA)!!!
    • The Cudahy Kennel Club also held a trial which we attended and entered the BURIED element, both novice and advanced!  The trials were outside and the novice searches were before the rain hit and then the advanced searches were in pouring rain!  Regardless, he passed all 4 runs!  Day 2 was the same kind of weather and he passed 3 of 4 runs earning him a Scent Work Advanced Buried title!  So proud of him!

TRACKING and SHED HUNTING  - Started both and generally combine them.  Lay a track, run the track, put him back in the van, and hide some sheds which he LOVES to run after and find!!   Sometimes I put scent work in there also.  

OBEDIENCE and RALLY - Started training with an obedience group at least once a week at the Winnegamie Dog Club and it's wonderful!  We also continue to train rally because I believe that they go together!  No trialing until next winter because I've determined it's a winter "thing"!!  Settling down and hanging on his platform is challenging for him sometimes in public so that's a skill we work on!

Cooperative Care -  we do a lot of that now!

  • Muzzle - THIS is great!  Got a muzzle that fits and he accepts it well.  It's the best slow feeder I've had!! I wrote a post about it here. 
  • Nails - it is really working!  Mookie is now giving me his paw to grind the nails.  We're at 1-2 at a session per paw followed by a piece of dehydrated salmon!!  
  • Bath tub - This is a work in progress.  I bought him a tub which he sat in when it was on the floor...  legs under it was a little harder but them when I got a rubber bath mat for inside he was more secure.  I think it will be a while before there is water involved but this is progress!! 
  • Comfy Cone - You never know when you need to use a cone on a dog so he now has his own comfy one and we're working on him putting his head into it... slow process but coming along. 

And there there are miscellaneous (for now) things we did a few times this month.
  • Agility - we had a cold, rainy, snowy sometimes April except for one week of 80 degree temps!  During that week, some agility equipment came out which was promptly not used when it was so cold...  soon... spring will be here...
  • K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League with Fox Valley Disc Dogs - Monday nights are for FRISBEE ... unless it snows in April and May!  Went to one session and will write more next month!
  • Barn Hunt - Did a trial this month and found a rat in a Crazy 8's run so accumulated 30 points toward the first title!  Also earned a High in Class ribbon for one of his Novice B runs!  
  • Conformation - we attended a class and did a little practice on our own.  Next shows:
    • UKC - June
    • IABCA - August