2023.3 March

   Titles and awards earned this month....  

  • AKC Virtual Scent Work Experienced (see explanation here)
What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

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It's been a good month!  A COLD WINTER month.. February was warmer..  but nevertheless, it was very active for both of us!  I'll just list what happened below!

SCENT WORK - Always...  all the time...  here, there and everywhere!  I created a spreadsheet to keep track of where we searched so I would stop at lots of new places and we're up to about 50 different locations and most locations have more than one area.  We work on fast easy searches at gas station potty areas so he'll learn to ignore the smells and longer searches at parks.  I set up buried hides (sand and water) on my porch which we do regularly and have boxes ready to go in the garage!

OBEDIENCE and RALLY - Yes we practice at the dog club multiple times each week and also at home!  He loves to do it all and the more the better!  


COOPERATIVE CARE - We're making real progress on this front.  I now, after almost a year, think I'll be able to cut Mookie's nails without him pitching a fit! THIS is real progress, by the way! Muzzle work is coming along but had to return his new wire muzzle because it was too big.  More on that next month. He's great about being handled and the recent vet visit went really well!  I'm pleased!  Click here for the new post. 

BARN HUNT - I got the bug again...  signed up for a lesson and let him find rats over and over!!  2 more NQs 1st day of trial and then 2 Qs!  The pendulum had swung...  TOO FAR...  Trial 1 Sunday he did an amazing search for Q but then in Trial 2 all he wanted to do was jump and grab my arm!  He squeaked by and Q'd but almost lost it for out of control because I couldn't catch him!!  Back to another lesson and had some "discussions" about proper etiquette in the ring! :)   Click here for Mookie's progress!

SHED HUNTING!!  It's started for us!  I've been hiding antlers around the house and Mookie brings them to me, sits in front of me and I take them and treat!  Then I saw that the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy had (for the first time) a shed hunting class so I signed up!  6 weeks!!  Intro to Shed Antler Hunting!!   Click here for more info!   

CARTING and maybe WEIGHT PULL - We'll see!  Pictured is Larry (Mookie's cousin in CA) sporting his carting and weight pull harnesses!  Mookie is eyeing up Jakes wheels and we thing we can use the wheels and do a homemade cart!

And we'll end with some fun shots! Watching he breeder play with a litter of puppies in his first home, checking out the garbage truck, digging and playing with a ball in the snow, weighing himself each morning and patiently waiting on top of the Cato board for a fast ride around the room!

Mookie watching puppies at Bariguard Kennel (his first home) and listening to a familiar voice. :)