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2023.4 April

   Titles and awards earned this month....    NACSW ORT (Odor Recognition Test    Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA) Scent Work Interior Advanced (SIA) Scent Work Buried Advanced (SIA) Barn Hunt Crazy 8's - 30 points! Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  APRIL photos are in this album!  APRIL videos are added to this album! NOSEWORK training and trials (Click here for more details) NACSW ORT - This Odor Recognition Test was held at Camp Bandy and the final odor Mookie needed was anise which he got with no problem earning him the title!!   AKC trials The  Timber Ridge Obedience Club of Central Wisconsin ,  held a trial at the Plover WI Boys and Girls Club.  They offered INTERIOR and CONTAINER searches so Mookie was entered in 2 searches/day each element in both novice and advanced which is 16 searches of which he passed 14 earning him the Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) title, the Scent Work

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About 3 years ago when I was researching Mudi breed, I came across the name Mookie and fell in love with it!  And...  it flowed...  "Mookie the Mudi" !  And then came the phrase "The Adventures of Mookie the Mudi" !  And the shortened version probably for training is Mook .  And referring to him I've heard myself say The Mookster or Mr. Mook !        I discovered several definitions but choose this one:   "Something or someone who is kooky, cool, intelligent, funny, alternative, stylish, irreverent, inspired and adventurous"!           So that's it!  This blog is for me to keep track of his life, training and fun stuff we do!  And it's available for anyone else who is interested!  Click here to find out what is a Mudi anyway?   Click the following LINKS to PICTURES and VIDEOS !! Mookie's Photo Gallery Mookie's YouTube videos Mookie's Instagram account Mookie's Title Ledger Click the following links for categories of current