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2023.5 May

    Titles and awards earned this month....    UKC  Advanced Interior (AI) UKC Advanced Vehicles (AV) UKC Advanced Containers (AC) UKC Advanced Exterior) (AE) UKC Advanced Nosework (AN) AKC Farm Dog AKC BCAT AKC Novice Exterior Elite (SENE) Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  MAY photos are in this album!  MAY videos are added to this album! Barn Hunt - Well, we moved 40 points closer to a Crazy 8s title but have a LONG way to go!!  Mookie happily found (and told me he found!!) 2 rats and successfully did the tunnel and climb!  Then back to Novice to get those last 2 legs for his X title and, what do you know, he happily again alerted on litter tubes!!   I see more practice sessions in his future in June!! Scent Work/Nosework  The first trial this month was a UKC trial in Wausau at a ROUND BARN that is an event center!  What a fun place to search!  Day 1, Mookie passed all 6 runs (2 novice each vehicles and interior and 1 advanced run each of veh

AKC Virtual titles (Manners, Tricks, Scent Work)

Tricks are FUN and the AKC has a program to earn a Trick Dog titles!  Jake earned Trick Dog and Stunt Dog titles through Do More With Your Dog  so I know how much fun they can be to do. MANNERS!!   (titles earned in August of 2022) Before we can do tricks, however, it's important to learn MANNERS !  The AKC has Virtual Home Manners titles that ease a dog into the Trick Dog  (5 levels of titles) and the Canine Good Citizen programs (CGC, CGCA, CGCU) with two levels of titles: Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP)     (Link to video)   (View certificate) Virtual Home Manners Adult (VHMA)     (Link to video)   (View certificate) The puppy title was videotaped by Jackie K at the Winnegamie Dog Club and it went well. It was so easy that I decided to video the adult title at home and submit it to her.  Jackie is an evaluator for these titles plus the Trick Dog and Canine Good Citizen titles. TRICKS!!   With the Manners titles behind us, I looked at the list of novice tricks and choose the