2023.2 February

  Titles and awards earned this month....  

  • AKC Virtual Scent Work Intermediate 
  • 4 Best of Breed (4 First Place, 4 Best Male), Group 3 (UKC Conformation)
What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

 February photos are in this album!
 February videos are added to this album!

Lots of training and adventures this month but only one show and no competition trials!  I know I'll be glad when winter and snow are gone but I'm not sure about Mookie!  As he has all winter, he delights in chasing his ball around the yard and running and jumping in the snow!  Because he has dog door access to the yard, he is in and out when we're home.  I used to worry when it was quiet and go looking for him but now I just look outside and there he is running or hanging on the ball on a rope on a tree!  

As always, we spend a lot of time at the Winnegamie Dog Club!  Two mornings each week training early and helping with rally classes.  This month was a "Senior Dog Day" that we helped with.  It was the first year with no Jake so Mookie did some demos on platforms of tricks for senior dogs, even though he is not one! :)  

Yes, there was a birthday!  FEBRUARY 9th he was ONE year old!  There weren't presents because what do you get a dog who has everything but he didn't mind because there was a cupcake!!!  

No doubt the highlight of the month was the UKC Conformation Show at Camp Bandy in Amherst Junction!  Mookie made lots of new friends because he gets to socialize with people at these shows AND he not only took Best of Breed 4 times but also won 3rd place in the Group competition!  
Click here to see more photos from the show.

There are lots of things we do that deserve mention.  
  • We hung out at a rally trial to get him used to the sights and sounds of a trial
  • He had play dates with Rhys, his best bud in the world
  • We started hunting for SHED in the house
  • We played scent work outside when the weather permitted but most often in the house
  • We did some scent work in a barn and in an older building in Oshkosh which is now a banquet hall
  • We visited 2 real estate offices, one in Oshkosh and another in Appleton, and did some searching and rode an elevator and climbed some high steps
  • We ramped up muzzle training...  not his favorite thing but necessary in case of emergency
And to add to an active month, he picked up a bit of a bug that knocked the energy out of him for a few days.  I knew something was wrong when he was lethargic and up to poo 4x that night.  Next day, no eating and then chicken and rice for a few days and he was as good as new!  

Below are some miscellaneous photos from February!  

A new flashing collar to make him visible at night! 
 Standing guard at the window or watching for deer far across the road! 
Playing with his ball in the yard!  
Sitting on the new chair for trials and shows!  
Posing for a picture at the dog club! 
Muzzle training! 
Patiently waiting at the window while I do exercises!