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2022.12 December

  Titles earned this month....    AKC Trick Dog Advanced Link to Mookie's titles   What is a title, really?  (...a must read!)  December photos are in this album!  December videos are added to this album! A little late in getting this done!  The Mookster had a good month ... meaning he had LOTS of FUN doing a variety of things!   What we completed was his AKC Trick Dog Advance  title completing 10 tricks including back up, circle right, circle left,  identify toy by name (out of 3),  pull a bag with objects,  retrieve - flat item, flat surface (credit card from floor),  scent articles (choose from 5),  sit or down at distance (15 ft.),  toys (take to and drop in box), and 2 handler's choice (pull on a cart across room and get ready between legs and go to place).  This is the 3rd level as he had earned the Novice and Intermediate titles in August. There was lots of snow at the beginning of the month which thrilled him!  His fun thing was to push his wiggle ball around the yard b