2022.12 December

 Titles earned this month....  

  • AKC Trick Dog Advanced
What is a title, really? (...a must read!)

 December photos are in this album!
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A little late in getting this done!  The Mookster had a good month ... meaning he had LOTS of FUN doing a variety of things!  

What we completed was his AKC Trick Dog Advance title completing 10 tricks including back up, circle right, circle left,  identify toy by name (out of 3),  pull a bag with objects,  retrieve - flat item, flat surface (credit card from floor),  scent articles (choose from 5),  sit or down at distance (15 ft.),  toys (take to and drop in box), and 2 handler's choice (pull on a cart across room and get ready between legs and go to place).  This is the 3rd level as he had earned the Novice and Intermediate titles in August.

There was lots of snow at the beginning of the month which thrilled him!  His fun thing was to push his wiggle ball around the yard burying it in the snow and then popping up with it!  He continues to have a great time with his bestie Rhys chasing toys that are thrown, even in the snow! Rhys doesn't always appreciate his enthusiasm but ducks when he comes running towards him as he leaps over him.  I'm now looking for a 40ish pound dog (Mookie is 27 pounds) who likes to run and play hard for another running partner to give him back what he gives out! 

And speaking of playing...  he is really learning to entertain himself now that Jake is gone.  He was pretty needy at first and stuck by me but now finds ways to entertain himself ALWAYS under my supervision because he still can make the WRONG choices at times and I don't want that to happen!

Below is an example of a bad choice... lol  He discovered he has grown and there are lots of good smelling things on the counter that he can see.  So far, he has not tried to steal anything perhaps because after having several thieves over the years, I learned to put things to the back of the counter. The second photo is him looking at me from outside where he is waiting for me to through a handful of kibble for him to find! He now has dog doors that lead to the back yard and can go in and out on his own.  All my dogs have done this over the years but I've not just had one small dog so I needed to teach him that there is fun stuff in that enclosed area!


We continued on our Barn Hunt journey and got some Christmas photos taken at the display at Oh Rats!  He strutted around with his Christmas sweater on showing off I believe!  We are really lucky to have this facility just over an hour from us!  It has 3 permanent courses and huge blinds.  Anyone who has competed in barn hunt knows that small blinds are VERY crowded!  


It's been a long journey with water which he doesn't care for but this month he actually got into the tub..  first without water and then with the water on!  Always with cheerios and hotdogs!! Dock diving is a goal but we're holding off until summer and hopefully when he matures he's dive right into the water to retrieve whatever I throw in for him to get!

Indoor training continues at the Winnegamie Dog Club several times a week for Rally and Obedience! We're working on Rally titles through the AKC virtual program will be taping them and submitting them via video to the AKC.  Additionally, since it's chilly outside now, the basement is used a lot!  I love it because of the mirrors that help in me seeing him and what he is doing without looking down at him.  


Speaking of the dog club...  we have a junior handler for Mookie for Agility that he LOVES!!  Not only does he love him but he LISTENS to him also!  Mookie now has several people who could run him in the sport since I simply don't run!  


We spent Christmas eve morning training with the same group that we trained with for 5 years. Great group of 8 friends and about 13 dogs doing agility, rally and nosework!  Then Christmas Day with another friend and her 4 dogs doing the same thing!  It was a good weekend! 

We regularly stop at Krueger's Hardware and stopped again at Lowes and also at Steins who are dog friendly.  He loves the adventures into places he hasn't been before! 

We practice Scent Work regularly and we're working on new things all the time (final response/converging odor/elevated hides/fringe odor/distractions).  I anticipate the next trial will be in March or April so lots of time to practice in many locations in various kinds of weather!  

The AKC has a Virtual Scent Work program for beginners utilizing a toy, a ball and a treat instead of essential oil odors.  There are 3 levels with a title for each level and we're working on them and will have the series completed by next month. It really is a ton of fun teaching him to find those things and then ignore them in regular searches!

That's all for December! Below are some photos of Mookie hanging out, snoozing on his favorite chair, looking out the front window and watching agility on TV.