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2022.8 August Summer Days

Titles earned this month (hopefully this will be a regular heading!) : IABCA NatBACH  (National Baby Champion) IntBACH  (International Baby Champion) HBACH  (Honors Baby Champion) AKC  VHMP    (Virtual Home Manners Puppy) VHMA (Virtual Home Manners Adult) TKN  (Trick Dog Novice) TDI   (Trick Dog Intermediate) Link to Mookie's titles         What is a title, really?   (...a must read!) August started off with the IABCA Conformation Show  and the best thing is to just link to the details !     Then, about the same time, the Hungarian Kennel Club released Mookie's paperwork after sitting on it for a month so now I'm able to apply for an AKC and UKC registration number!  This means that he can start doing age appropriate activities (manners, tricks, scent work) and earn some titles!    AKC...  most communication with the AKC takes forever or never happens.  Not this time.  4 working days after I emailed them the application for a number I got it!  (subject to final verificat