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Out and About in Neenah

Neenah WI is such a cool place!  I lived there for a few years and, before I had dogs, kept my J24 sailboat in the harbor and participated in the regular races held by the Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club .   Anyway, I decided to take Mookie to explore so we started out hanging out on Main Street.  Mookie was wearing his "In Training" vest ("in training" to be a perfect dog who can go anywhere and hang out.) so the Saturday morning shoppers smiled and walked by.  Some folks with dogs sat on a bench opposite our bench which didn't faze Mookie in the least.    Next we went to the local pet store " Lucy's Closet Pet Boutique " to do some browsing and sure enough, Mookie found a new stuffy to add to his collection.  He showed interest in the treats but most likely figured a furry friend would last longer!        Off to the dock we went skipping the Farmer's Market where the crowds looked overwhelming to both of us.  First we walked on the permanent dock

2022.7 Jumpin'July!

JULY is definitely JUMPIN' for this pup!  He's becoming a teenager and LOVES everything about life!!   Being the super smart mudi that he is, he has figured out how to open the double lock lever handle on his playroom gate and knows that if he pulls the bungie cord I use to secure it, it will loosen and perhaps fall off!   He and Jake are getting along well and I can even trust him to not body slam him or jump back and forth over his head!      July photos are in this album! July videos are added to this album! I wake up every morning thinking about what I can train Mookie today and how much fun can we have!  Generally, I have a plan the night before so I don't have to think of something new and I write everything down that I want to add to his training program or adventures.  We continue with all the adventures we started last month and work at adding more!      Sometimes, adventures present themselves in your front yard such as the day that I had 2 very large trees cut do