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2022.8 A September to Remember

Titles earned this month....    BARN HUNT RATI (Rat Instinct) (certificate) RATN (Rat Novice)   (certificate) Link to Mookie's titles         What is a title, really?  (...a must read!) September photos are in this album! September videos are added to this album! September started off with a great Labor Day weekend!  We did some SCENT WORK with friends, Mookie got to run with his bestie, Rhys, and he had another DOCK DIVING lesson!! This time we worked on swimming back in from a very short distance in the water and back up the ramp.  He actually started swimming rather than trying to keep his feet on the ramp and then he would grab his toy and run around on the deck.  (update on swimming...  did it another time this month and now will hold off a bit until spring maybe.) BARN HUNT !!  Yep it started!  Instinct (RATI) and Novice (RATN) titles!  Such fun! He got better each day and got 4 of 6 novice legs this weekend!  More info plus videos here! We do lots of leash walking in 2