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2022.8 A September to Remember

Titles earned this month....    BARN HUNT RATI (Rat Instinct) (certificate) RATN (Rat Novice)   (certificate) Link to Mookie's titles         What is a title, really?  (...a must read!) September photos are in this album! September videos are added to this album! September started off with a great Labor Day weekend!  We did some SCENT WORK with friends, Mookie got to run with his bestie, Rhys, and he had another DOCK DIVING lesson!! This time we worked on swimming back in from a very short distance in the water and back up the ramp.  He actually started swimming rather than trying to keep his feet on the ramp and then he would grab his toy and run around on the deck.  (update on swimming...  did it another time this month and now will hold off a bit until spring maybe.) BARN HUNT !!  Yep it started!  Instinct (RATI) and Novice (RATN) titles!  Such fun! He got better each day and got 4 of 6 novice legs this weekend!  More info plus videos here! We do lots of leash walking in 2

Conformation... Yep... it will happen!

Well I'm being dragged kicking and screaming to the CONFORMATION arena!  Mookie has been described as "scary handsome" so I really should find out what judges think of him.  I'm learning about AKC and UKC shows and also an organization not as widely known called the IABCA and have been assured that I don't have to buy a dress and white or light colored pants would be just perfect to show off a black dog.  Thank goodness, that could have been a deal breaker!!  lol Click here to go to Mookie's Conformation Photo Album AKC Conformation !!  It has started! September 2022!   Click here for the journey .... The  International All Breed Canine Association of America (IABCA)  is the first organization we competed in.  Mookie's papers didn't arrive until 2 days before the event but they listed him as pending registration and then 40 days are allowed to get full registration.   2022.8.6-7   First trial ever at the Winnegamie Dog Club!  Mookie took Best in Show

Dock Diving

DOCK DIVING ...  or jumping into the water to retrieve toys!  What dog wouldn't enjoy that!  Well, lots I suppose but I was introduced to it because of Jake and Brita who loved the water and loved to retrieve so it was natural for them to combine the 2 loves.  Jake was the only one who participated in organized events and had titles in DOCK DOGS and NADD (North American Diving Dogs)!   SO..  because it was such fun I wanted a dog who could compete and I think Mookie is that dog and will learn to love it!  In the meantime, progress is slow and getting wet was just the first issue (drought in Hungary and he looked at rain the first time as if the sky was falling in).  We started our dock diving adventure in August of 2022.  Below, in reverse order is the progress he has made! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2022 September   We started going to Three Hounds Training Ground since the lure of an INDOOR pool was calling us! The first visit acclimated Mookie to the dock and he learned to come