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2022.6 June "Out and About"

So Mookie is learning so much so fast!!  What a guy!  I'm going to have one post for each month instead of the weekly ones and will add to it throughout the month.  June photos are in this album! June videos are added to this album! Weekly on Tuesday we visit   DUCKS   and do some HERDING , weather permitting...  of course rain wouldn't bother ducks but this handler involved doesn't see it necessary to train in the rain at this time!.  Mookie isn't crazy about wet drops falling from the sky but does fine if I play with him.  Just to potty...  not so much.  Doesn't see a reason to get wet..  We're working on that!  Click here for ongoing herding photos. First June herding session he was MUCH more focused and could have cared less about the sheep poop and wool.  The ducks were where the excitement was.   Second herding session - I noted that sheep were grazing in the duck herding pen and you know, what goes in must come out.  Mookie couldn't get enough of th