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Who is Mookie? (photos from Hungary)

Mookie (Bariguard "Ron" from the Harry Potter litter)  came into this world on  February 9, 2022  along with a brother and sister.  EARS UP!!! April 19, 2022   April 28, 2022   Photos curtesy of Bariguard Kennel

Puppy videos :) (from Hungary)

May 6, 2022 Late April/early May April 16, 2022 (9 weeks old) March 29, 2022 Screenshot of video shows which pup is Mookie Videos curtesy of  Bariguard Kennel

It pays to have thrift shops and friends with small dogs!!

 I put out the word...  anyone have small dog stuff I can borrow for Mookie until he gets a little bigger...  Yep..  the stuff started appearing... not all used - some new! I think orange is going to be his color! A harness and coat with removable lining for outdoors (no hunter is going to miss us!) to go with the orange leash I've had stashed away! (leashes are NOT in short supply I'll tell you that! :)) Miscellaneous stuff is collecting!  :) And a soft sided crate to sleep next to Jake and beside me! More stuff collected to the garage training room! And a thrift shop find~  A carry all bag, a platform and a mat to take on the road! More toys for tricks.. a stool and pulling toy and pushing buttons, oh my...  More thrift shop stuff...  a crate, a cooling mat that looks NEW,  hula hoops, pool noodles and an orange bean bag chair.     And on the horizon I'm told is a life jacket and skate board!